Rockford Yacht Club

About the RYC

Rockford Yacht Club was formed in 1989 as an outgrowth of the Rock Valley College sailing program. Many members do not own a boat but share in "crewing" aboard otherís boats. Some members have several boats of different sizes to enjoy different kinds of sailing experiences. Some even have iceboats! Our boats range from sit on top Sunfish to large keelboats suitable for long distance cruising.

Whereas many yacht clubs have a strong focus on racing - we have no racing program, although some members do race their boats in area events. The Rockford Yacht Club conducts "flotillas"... gettogethers on the water where members bring their boats, sail, share meals or dining out, and come away with a common experience.

Flotillas are scheduled from March through November, others are impromptu, when one boat owner says "Iím going..." and others join in or accompany them aboard as crewmembers or guests.

Some flotillas are in conjunction with the Northwest Sailing Association ( ), a similar club from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Many members trailer their boats to nearby large lakes or distant waters - others use Pierce Lake at Rock Cut State Park or have moored boats on Lake Michigan. Above all, the Rockford Yacht Club is a social organization focused on enjoying the strong friendships that develop within the sailing community. RYC participates in the Winnebago County Adopt-A-Road program and other community service as well.